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Ambiance that will bring your guests into the mood

The first impression is crucial. This is especially true for the ambience of a ballroom. It arouses emotions and contributes significantly to the success of your event. Our specialists place particular emphasis on the appropriate design and decoration of the banquet rooms. They have the flair and the experience, which makes your party also visually an absolute eye-catcher.

  • Which guests are where to place?
  • What is the schedule?
  • What decoration fits the rooms?
  • How much service staff does it need?
  • What are the menu options?
  • Design the menu card?
  • Are there options for an overnight stay?

In addition to the right ambience, we take care of your culinary well-being. For the banquet to your event we offer many interesting possibilities, convince yourself!


Events that generate emotions

Let your event in the banquet rooms quietly steals the show. We ensure that your guests are thrilled and everything worked perfectly. We also organize special events from A to Z. Share us your ideas - we can do almost anything for you.